A Sustainable Household

Every household has its unique needs. Some may use small wraps to cover dishes regularly, while others rely on bags for lunches or vegetable storage. Perhaps you prefer to use various formats based on your unique situation.

If you're interested in gaining a better understanding of how to effectively use beeswax cloths, feel free to take a look. 'The use' in the menu.

Dimensions and tips

DOOEK Size Chart


Small - 20x20 cm
An excellent size for covering a bowl or storing smaller products, such as half an apple or lemon, the end of a celery or a cucumber.

Medium - 25x25 cm
Perfect for covering a plate or bowl or for storing a small sandwich/snack or parmesan cheese.

Large - 30x30 cm
A wonderful size to cover a large plate, or for wrapping vegetables or taking a sandwich with you.

XL - 30x40 cm
Most ideal for covering oven dishes, packing a lunch or storing cheese.

XXL - 40x50 cm
Perfect for keeping a loaf of bread fresh and moist, for covering a cake or savory pie or for storing large pieces of cheese, fruit or vegetables.


Bag 26x32 cm
Excellent as a lunch bag or for storing carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms or a delicious piece of cheese.

Bag 30x45 cm
Ideal size for storing larger loaves of bread or large quantities of potatoes or carrots.


Rolls 30x100 cm Give free rein to your creativity and cut the size you need.

Cheese wraps

Cheese wrap XL - 30x40 cm
Ideal for storing cheeses up to approximately 700 grams.

Cheesecloth XXL - 40x50 cm
Perfect for storing larger cheeses up to approximately 1200 grams.

Tip : Take your cheese wrap to the market or your favorite cheese shop and have your cheese wrapped in it!