How to Use Dooek Wraps

You use a Dooek food wrap in the exact same way as you would use a plastic or aluminium foil. You wrap it around a bowl, a veggie, some fruit or a sandwich. Instead of throwing it away after one single use, you rinse it and reuse it. Over and over again!

  • WRAP

    Cover a bowl, store veggies, fruit, cheese or sandwich in a wrap. Use the warmth of your hands to create a seal, and store it away.

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  • WASH

    Wash thoroughly by hand with cold water and a drop of mild dish soap. If the wrap is unsoiled, simply fold and store it away.

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    Allow Dooek to properly dry before using it again. Repeat over and over again and save loads of food and plastics.

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Watch and Learn

Wrapping food has never been easier and more fun with Dooek food wraps. The fastest way to get sustainable wrapping into your system, is to keep your Dooek where you keep your plastic foils.

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