DOOEK | A Story That May Be Told.

Through beeswax wraps, we provide a solution that we wholeheartedly believe in, drawn from our own experiences. The kitchen is our playground, and our beeswax food wraps are our trusted tools. These beautiful wraps pique the curiosity of everyone who encounters them. It's a story that deserves to be shared, and we're eager to share it with you.

  • Sustainability first

    With DOOEK, we diminish the demand for single-use plastic and prevent avoidable food waste, creating a win-win situation for both people and nature.

  • Responsible production

    Our primary focus is on utilizing cotton remnants from the fashion industry, and we exclusively use European beeswax and tree resin in our production process.

  • Inclusion

    Inclusion is a vital cornerstone for us. We collaborate with Ipse de Bruggen and Arena för Utveckling to prepare the food wraps for shipping.

  • Low entry volumes

    We believe in accessible prices and low entry volumes, suitable for both retail and wholesalers. DOOEK is for everyone!

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We are not interested in contributing to the throwaway culture.

On the contrary, our goal is to simplify and make food storage as sustainable as possible, leaving you with nothing but satisfaction.

That's why we exclusively use high-quality materials and employ conscientious processes that protect our planet. Our designs, craftsmanship, and affordable pricing are our means of reducing barriers and promoting sustainable living.

Responsible productions

Our collections are thoughtfully curated, featuring colors and styles that harmonize seamlessly. It begins with sourcing top-quality cotton remnants that adhere to OEKOTEX 100 and GOTS standards. The raw materials are supplied by local producers in Europe, and even our packaging is minimalistic and responsibly crafted.

Long lasting quality

We honor our customers' investments by crafting products with extended lifespans through meticulous processes. Partnerships with artisans who share our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship, top-notch materials, and ethical employment practices enable us to minimize resource wastage. This ensures that your purchase leaves you with a sense of durability and engagement.

Dooek is a mindful European lifestyle brand that places a central focus on respecting both people and nature.

  • Sustainable lifestyle

    Creating a sustainable household begins with taking small steps. Our mission is to make this transition easy by inspiring and motivating you to replace plastic wraps with eco-friendly beeswax wraps.

  • Doing good

    We all come into this world with unique perspectives that shape our life opportunities. Inclusivity is our way of enriching the community, and we find fulfillment in doing good.

  • Food

    Food is the universal language of culture, where flavors intertwine with traditions and bind hearts together. That's why preserving it for an extended period is crucial, allowing us to savor it for many moments to come.

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