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3-Pack | Large

3-Pack | Large

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This 3-pack contains 3 large food wraps that will get you started in the kitchen right away. These large wraps come in handy when you need to wrap a parmesan cheese, a sandwich to go, or just to cover a plate with leftovers or a tasty salad. By using beeswax food wraps, you minimize single-use plastic on a daily basis and prevent unnecessary food waste. You can choose from three times the same print or 3 different prints (assorti).

  • Sizes 3 x Large (30x30cm)
  • Surprise - let us surprise you with a fine assorti of various large prints


100% upcycled cotton fabrics
Tree resin


3 pc 30x30 cm

Care Instructions

Just use the warmth of your hands to wrap a Dooek around some food, over a bowl or oven dish. When the wrap cools, it holds its seal. Use Dooek to wrap a nice chunk of cheese, fresh vegetables, a piece of fresh-baked bread, fruit, fresh herbs, and baked goods.

* Dooek is not recommended for use with raw meat or fish and very fatty foods.

You can easily hand wash Dooek in cool or lukewarm water with some dish soap. Leave it to air dry properly before storing it away. If you want to refresh your Dooek after a while, you can put it on a baking paper in the oven and have the beeswax melt at 80 degrees celsius. Leave it for a few minutes, take it out quickly but carefully, and hold it in your hands for a few seconds until the wrap has cooled down. Now you will have a brand new wrap in your hand!

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